Company Profile

Qawasy Pipe Coating Factory under license by DuPont™ ( was established in the year 2008, in Al-Khobar Industrial area, Saudi Arabia, under the license from DuPont™.

Its collaboration with DuPont™ has brought to the Middle East the latest development in the oil & Gas industry in the form of DuPont™ StreaMax™, a Fluoropolymer based product that can transform the Coating Industry as whole. StreaMax is the first break through technology in Downhole Tubing coating in last 30 years. Sreamax is the result of years of research and development. It extends the life of tubular and offers alternatives to high cost and difficult to procure Corrosion Resistance Alloy (CRA) tubular in Oil & Gas, as well as water wells.

The DuPont™ StreaMax™ coating system is a major technology breakthrough with respect to expanding the design envelope of plastic coating systems in order to cover difficult oil & gas well environments and where traditionally high grade CRA tubes are being used. The DuPont™ StreaMax™ coating system offers the possibility of using downhole coatings in difficult gas wells environments.

Saudi Aramco approved the DuPont™ StreaMax™ for gas, oil and water and issued Saudi Aramco standard number 09-SAMSS-108

This is the first time in 30 years, whereby a new coating technology is developed based exclusively on the needs of Saudi Aramco, and whereby process knowledge has been developed and transferred to Saudi Arabia. This new downhole coating technology, for corrosion control, puts QAWASY/DuPont™ on the edge of non-metallic technologies innovation in the Oil & Gas Industry, worldwide.

DuPont™ StreaMax™ coating system provides substantial savings as alternative to CRA tubular and reduces the number of well downtimes; allows the use of common steel pipes in place of alloy steels, and reduces the risk of reservoir damage by minimizing the use of chemicals and solvents.
Excellent chemical resistance from high H2S (20%) and CO2 (11%) gases and all acids and bases at high temperature and pressure
Excellent resistance against explosive decompression.
Multilayered coating system, each layer has a specific engineered function.
Maximizes well productivity and production rates by minimizing production interruptions by reducing the number of shut downs for tubular cleanup.
Significantly reduces internal buildup of Asphaltene, Paraffin, and Scale. Reduces the organic and in organic deposition.
Downhole coating technology that withstands the harsh downhole environments; extremely wide operating temperature range (-100° C to +260° C continuous operating temperatures). Unaffected by high pressure up to 10,000 psi
Integrates excellent mechanical flexibility as well as outstanding abrasion resistance properties; reduces fluid flow friction in tubular.
Maintains tubular life by minimizing corrosion from sweet and sour gases in the fluid stream

StreaMax™ is an innovative and engineered coating solution available locally, with local production capability, providing very short delivery time, and it is a technology enabler and makes marginal wells more economical to operate.

Qawasy plant located in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia and has a capacity of 650,000 FT per year. The facility uses state of the art machineries for coating application. Safety has been given an important attention, and it is integrated in the coating application process.